Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kailynns Shower

Ok I went to My friend Jennifers baby shower this last weekend, and as I did for shawanna I made her some crocheted items. Babies are fun even if they do made a 20 yrold feel OLD. Anyways these are not ornignal patterns I foudn them online and in a leflet I have. If you wonder what they are I would be happy to give you the info to find them, they aren't near right now. The rattle is made with Baby Coordinates, the blanket Simply soft, and the hats and booties red heart baby. (shes close enough that I'll make her lots and lots of goodies!)Jennifer and Gary are expencing Kailynn in about 2 weeks! Yaya!

bryson conti.

oh yeah shawna and micheal are the parents and bryson due in a month or so


I've gone to two baby showers recenlty. and they are SO much fun to chechet for. I used several patterns that I dound online, as well as one in a leflet I have, but I don't have any of them near me so I cannot post them . If anyone wants to know feel free to post a comment or send me an e-mailand I'll get back to you. This first post is just the baby cloths, because blogger doesn't like me.


Well Heather took her hats and scarfs to church with her one weekend and a lady wanted a hat and scarf hat. i made two for her the white and blue and he black and cream (they didn't have black and cream in the yarn she bought) and a denim and white one for her older daughter and a mauve and white one for her youngest daughter. I think they tured out kinda neat.

Kansas Gifts

The yellow hat and scarf set was made for my Great Grandpa henry, He's a farmer in Kansas and I figured that something bright would be good, so that he would be more esaily spotted out in the fields. The pink and white set I made for Jada, She's two. and the two catapillers were made for Paige and Logan. They are less than a year old and only a couple weeks apart. They are crochted over some yarn balls I made so they wont hurt themselves or others when they hit people.

Heather and Duckie

OK these are of my cousin and her son. The pink one is featured further down on Goober. After having made her that one she wanted a blue one that was made the same way. So being the LOVING cousin that i am I made her the blue one too. The light pink and white one was made for Julie, which is a friend of Duckies and the scarf with the purple trimming was made for Stacy Heathers sister. The hat isn't pictured. I seem to have lost the image. It was made with homespun and have worked with it once I have decided it isn't my favoirite yarn to work with


Ok I made my dad this nascar blanket. I was going to cross stich NASCAR across the middle, but by the time I had it all sewn togeather there was only a week until Christmas and I was TIRED! I used only single stich and did it in a vertical row and sewed it togeather, turned out kinda neat.

Even More Christmas Goodies

Ok these ones are my Grandma and papa. Here is the elusive dread hat :D.

More Christmas

Well Blogger wont let me load ALL the pictures up in one post so here are some more. These are of my aunt, uncle and cousin and all thier chrstmas stuff.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

hats and scarves galore!

Well this year I made hat's and scarves for most people in my family. i'm not going to go into too may details they pretty much speak for themseves, I just wanted to post them. TTFN!


Monday, November 14, 2005

mom's Blankie

This is the blanket that I made for my mom for christmas. i finished it a couple of weeks ago, just haven't put it up. Its made with Jiffy, Red Heart Supersaver, Red Heart Plush, Carron Pounders, and Carron Simply soft. Turned out kinda neat. i wanted something different. Its all single stich and done in panels, then sewn togeather. Alrighty back to crocheting!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Simply Pink

I am SO not a pink girl, but my cousin is. I have two skiens of pink that I got in a bag from a thrift store ( I love to hose places!) and one of them I used to make this scarf and hat set. I paired thre different kinds of yarn, Carron WW, a rosy pink, which I think is a Joann's brand, and Berhart baby lash for the edging and fringe. My model is goober. Isn't he cute? Yes he is a he, he's only modleing it because his girlfriend Nipples couldn't fit into the hat without it going over her eyes. anyways the scarf is a series of single and double stitches, and the hat was orginally started on a hair tie to get the round shape, then it got turned around and swen to the inside so the hole was gone, and it is a series of sinlge and half-double stiches. Well thats all for now! I should go start on my other scarves, I haven't crocheted since 12 last nite and I'm going through widthdrawls! Ooh yeah! I also go over $100 worth of yarn at my local thrift store for under $30, and its good stuff too, I need to go through it and find a place to stach it! nite everyone!


Hook Holder

Ok, so I got tired of keeping my hooks either A. Bundled up in a rubber band/hair tie, B. In a plastic baggy, or C. On a desk, dresser or god forbid the floor of my room, so instead of going out and spending money on a crochet case (in my case money that would have been wasted, More power to you if ya got one!) I decided to make one of my own, I mean why buy a leather, nylon, or fabric on when I can just crochet one! So this is what I did, I used what was left of of my simply soft from my brothers blanket crocheted a rectangle (single stitched) then played around with my border. My camera didn't catch the details of my border :( but it looks neat. My tension also got a little tighter as I finished the main square. (I've never been one to go around and actually follow a pattern , their too hard to follow!) It took me about a week to finish, because I have school four days a week and need to spend some of that time, you know studying :D

When I showed my aunt this she said I should make them to sell, but I told her, that if a crocheter saw then they would see the simplicity of it and make it themselves! TTFN


My first Project

Yippie! Ok I finished this last weekend. It is a blnaket for my brother. Actually it is a very late birthday present for him. The white, black and scarlet color are all simply soft. I love the feeling of it! The bright blue and red areRed Heart. I like to mix the textures of yarn. It makes it more fun, and makes some colors stand out more. It was allllllllllllllll single stich with one strand of yarn, so that would probably contribute to why it took me almost 2 months to finish it. it is a little odd shaped, (almost twice as long as it is wide), but I guess it doesn't matter much, because my brother is a tall skinny boy. Ok. Thats it for this one. I have others to post.